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03 March 2008

hey,sumthing missing..

Nik Nurehan | Monday, March 03, 2008 | 0 Komen
eh.!! one from my post blogging this evening have be taken by someone. opsss what i means is, he delete my blog lah...!!!
before i rite this blog, he has call me n told me that he have delete my blog. huh!! he said he dont's me to publish it.
he can't accept my writting blog which betitle being upsad/frustated bcoz of him.
he doesnt's wants me to being sad. he will do anything until i'll be ok.
but i cant'.
arggggggg geram! i'm so geram with him from last nite until today. but this evening i'm hav accept da reality that i can't always get what i wish,want or need.
huh.. walaupum unhappy but i need to accept it la kan..

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