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04 April 2008


Nik Nurehan | Friday, April 04, 2008 | 0 Komen
I'm wondering,.,., whut is cinta & whut is sayang?,.,,

for me: Luv is ONe heart =) & two sOuL,.,
Luv is a feeling of the mind that can reach the heart,,.,
bile kite dah mula menyayangi someone,
for us,
she/he is the one for us,.,
we dun want anyting else in our life.,.,
is there a such thing as soulmates?
or do we just end up with the best person we can find?
for me, i believe in soul-mates.,.,
there is only one person out there for every one person.
u can learn to luv & be happy with almost everyone in this world.,., =)
i do belive dat ALLAH s.w.t has made male & female for one another. =)

~where's my Luv? ~

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