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12 April 2008

Disappointed/ Unhappy ;(

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, April 12, 2008 | 0 Komen
Dear friend (and you know who you are),

I hope you will read this and clearly understand what I am going to say. I don't know what I should do and think.think. Knowing you has been one of the best thing for me. I have loved and cared for you. Though our relationship is just as best friends but you are important to me. I don't mind. I forgave you for doing that, but this time around, it's hard for me.

Are my feelings not important to you?
"Sorry" is the only word you said you could say right?So you want me to forgive you.

I don't know. My heart is broken. Into million little pieces. I was so mad at you.

You said I'm your best friend, but is this how you treat me?

That was how you treat you own best friend?

Do you care for me?
Do you still want me to be your friend?
Do you still want me in your life?
Only you have the answers.
And my answers will be depending on that.
I'll just wait and see.

Thank you for everything.

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