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28 April 2008

Have a Happier life..

Nik Nurehan | Monday, April 28, 2008 | 0 Komen
How can we have a happier life?

(My opinions...)
a. Live simply so others can simply live.
b. Love others as we do ourselves.
c. Find joy in the now, instead of the past or the future.
e. Strive to find the good in everything, instead of the negative.
f. always be satisfied on what we already have..never lust for that others have.
(kekadang x jgk) kekeke.. mnusia,biasa lah. ;)

I try to live by these rules on a daily basis.

Be sure: Happiness is for everybody. Our days are full of things and poor of feelings.
Even if I am not so often happy I believe it's on my own will to decide to be. Sometimes we have true reasons to be sad and to destroy the joy inside our hearts but I believe we can always try to watch inside little things to get the joy of love. To be happy is not a matter of laughs or fun but a state of my heart and mind.

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