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07 April 2008

Types of LOVE ♥

Nik Nurehan | Monday, April 07, 2008 | 0 Komen

There are 3 types of love:

1. Menyayangi (Loving somebody)

2. Disayangi (To be love by someone)

3. Saling sayang menyayangi (Loving each other)

Menyayangi (Loving somebody)
This happens for a person that admires somebody. He/she is interested in someone that he/she tries to do anything for the sake of the someone that he/she would him/her to be theirs. But in this situation normally, people tend to make mistakes whereby they might have scared the person or really ambitious to have that person for them. As a result of this, catastrophe occurs. for this not to happen, they should be friends first. know the person that they admire. this is because it is no harm to admire others. when u have known the other person, it is time to make the move. but dun take a long time becoz as like in the song by Sweet Charity goes "Jangan tunggu lama lama, nanti lama lama dia dia ambil orang.". but hey, if the person is not meant to be yours, then let he or she goes. the best way to present this is "If u really love her/him, u respect their decision".

Disayangi (To be love by someone)
This happens to the people who knows that they are being loved by someone. And with this knowledge known by them, they will misuse the advantages by the person. They will make the person who loves them doing things that they desire. This is so Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions (being a bitch). For those who are practicing this, my advise is, stop what u r doing. the world is fair and full of karma. what goes around comes around. you must remember that the person who is trying to get ur attention is trying their best to make u happy. but then, what if u r in their shoes. how would u feel. i mean come on, it is no harm to be friends rite. even though it is hard for them to accept that u r only interested in them as friends. but hey, that's the rule of thumb. the truth hurts. advise would be, dun judge the person too quickly. get to know them. who knows they could be the ones that u r searching for. luv as a friend is the best thing to do if u r not interested to be a coupled.

Saling sayang menyayangi (Loving each other)
For this type of love, it is pure and the most ideal whereby both parties are interested of each other and that they are happy together. they will cover each others back and also solve things if they encountered one. however, things can go wrong where by jealousy is the most common factor for a couple to break up. they are having uncertainty of the other party and also unnecessary things are pilling up in their minds. Lost of interest is another factor that could happen. for this, trust is the most important thing for a couple to be together. they should have confidence of the other party and that they must know what's their limit of being with another person.As a conclusion, love is a very interesting and also unique. dun spoil it for others who are trying hard to keep it pure.

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