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31 May 2008

Mad 1

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, May 31, 2008 | 0 Komen
I don’t know whether I’m being selfish or what.
Today I was pretty mad at a boyfriend.
He did apologize sincerely later, after I pulled a long face. Really can’t help it, but I had no mood to be nice with him (as I couldn’t find any acceptable reasons at this time).
I guess this is just me. I complain about everything I don’t feel right, and grumble and pull a stupid face and sulk grumpily until my mind is filled with something happier again. It’s very easy to read my mind, actually. Everything will be printed on my face immediately.
Feel very bad after typing those words above.
Just sms him to say don disturb me. i need my own time.

*Sorry,boy. I didn’t mean to. You are still one of the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. I know you had your reasons(letey cuz sampai 4:30 AM kan) and I guess it was just some minor communication breakdowns we had earlier.
Don’t worry about us ok? Love ya ~*
Now, I’m mad at my stupid and childish attitude problem.

Bila hati ini sedih
Mata akan menangis
Hati akan hiba
Perasaan tak gembira

Communication is the keyword in here. Miscommunication is a disaster.

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