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11 June 2008

Herbalife Troubleshooting

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, June 11, 2008 | 0 Komen
I understand there are concerns while you are on the Shapeworks program. The program may not be suited for everyone, and occasionally you may feel the program is not right for you. Here are some typical questions from customers.


"I'm not losing weight."

Possible reasons:

1. Are you using Formula 1 with milk?
Some people are intolerant to milk. You may mix your shakes with nonfat milk or soy milk, or even better, mix with plain water! You can blend your shakes with fresh fruits.

2. Not measuring inches.
Some people lose centimeters or inches first and weight second. It is important to measure inches as well as check weight because there are times when you will lose inches and not kilos. As long as you are losing either inches or kilos (or both), the program is working.

3. Cheating.
If you have the urge to cheat, I recommend trying Teamix Lemon and Hibiscus. You may also try Herbalife Protein Snacks; Roasted Soy Nuts or Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar. They're satisfying and so delicious, you won't feel the need to cheat!

4. Not following the program (lose weight) as directed.
Remember, the program calls for two shakes and one balanced meal per day as directed.

Skipping meals can starve the body and slow down metabolism. This can weaken the diet and lead to cheating. Not taking shakes and meals as directed can result in poor nutrition, which can also sabotage the diet. So always remember to follow the program as directed.

"I feel hungry."

Possible reasons:

1. Not following the program correctly.
It is unusual to feel hungry when following the program correctly. Be sure you are making your shakes properly, not skipping meals and taking the products properly to help control appetite. For additional hunger control, you can add extra Formula 3 Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder in your shake or enjoy an Herbalife Protein Snack; Roasted SoyNuts or Chocolate Peanut ProteinBar. For individuals who get hungry in the evenings, you may try a Roasted Soy Nuts after dinner. If you are experiencing dieting challenges, trying out Teamix Lemon and Hibiscus might help.

2. Not eating properly.
An important part of Herbalife Shapeworks is eating food. It is important to eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Hunger pangs or cravings arise from skipping meals, not making shakes properly or eating inadequate amounts of protein. ShapeWorks helps reduce feelings of hunger, if you are following the program correctly.

"I feel sick / nauseous, have indigestion, gasiness, bloating, or constipation."
Be sure to take shakes or meals as directed. Never skip your shakes or meals! Nausea can also be a sign of poor digestion. Be sure to follow the program as directed and drink at 1-2 litres of water a day. Teamix Lemon and Hibiscus tastes great and
will help settle the stomach.

"I have a headache."
Headaches can arise from blood sugar fluctuations or dehydration. Be sure to follow the program, eating two shakes, one snack and a balanced meal, as directed, and drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. Add Teamix Lemon and Hibiscus to your daily health routine.

"I feel tired."
Sometimes when you're on a diet, you may feel more tired as your body adjusts to less calories.

Eat every meal and shake on time. Don't skip meals, be sure you are following your program as outlined and get plenty of rest. If you need extra energy, try Teamix Lemon andHibiscus.

"I'm on ShapeWorks for 10 days and have gained weight and inches around the middle. Why?"
There could be a number of reasons for the weight gain. The most likely reason is that you are exceeding your daily calorie target for weight-loss. If you have a low metabolic rate, you should consult your physician about increasing your exercise regimen and focus on your protein targets.

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