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07 June 2008

I'm seeing him

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, June 07, 2008 | 2 Komen
Why we always feel exciting when we meet someone we loved?
why..? yer lah cuz me and dia sama2 rindu loll.
lebey2 bila bjauhan gini.. adeshh!!!
rindu!! rinduu!!!! YAY! I can't wait to see Kerie!!! :o)
I'm will spending some time with him 4 shopping2.. yeay!
dah lama x bshopping nih.. nk shopping sakan. tapi mcm la byk duett. aahaaks.
Should i make a lists and lists of things for today.? hurm. no lah. sbbnya dah tahu nk beli apa.
tgk, chooose then beli jerk :)
beli je lah apa yang termampu :)
It'll be a fun time. I'm super excited!

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  1. happy nye dier..sb td dpt jmp en.kerie

  2. suka! suka :)
    tp mlm ni dia dah nk balik :(
    x suka! x suka!!
    *ahad mlm.


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