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19 June 2008

Jiwang la kamu ni :P

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, June 19, 2008 | 0 Komen
Kerie SAYS..
- "know that i'll only love you from now on.i love u so much"
- "i'll do anything for you to just smile :)"
- "i dont like you sad or feeling down,let me cry rather than you."
- "the world is huge i know..but you are the only person that when im with you,
- "i fall in love with you for every single day than again manage to go crazy for you."
- "now that i love you,i cant see myself with anyone else.."
- "i love you shayang, forver i will.couldnt understand many things in my life but i do understand that i cant live without you. now im prepare to be be everything that im suppose to be thats yours."
- "aint no words i can find to truely match up with how much i truely love you."
- " i cant wait to fully share my life with you. waking up in the morning with you by my side."
- "my heart cant beat without you shayang.."
- "you're the only women i love and the only women i want. the only women that makes me cry.."

*Shayang, i love u more than my life itself.dun ever leave me. i cinta u,s ayang u, kasih rindu sumelah. haha. hold ur promises. we will have a wonderful future soon. auuw gataiii.. being yours and you're mine ,cant wait till that moment to come true. wanna be with you forever, through the good and the bad times. i love you so much shayang. i love love love love you. thanks for your love and concern all this while. :)

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