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16 June 2008

Things ;)

Nik Nurehan | Monday, June 16, 2008 | 2 Komen
A Few Things I Love About My L.O.V.E...

1. He is always on my mind.
2. He always listens to me.
3. He makes me smile when I'm feeling down.. ( x brenti memujuk me), thanks dear sbb kamuu telalu shabar krn sikap me yang over manja n mgada ngada. hehe :)
4. He cares about me so much.
5. He makes me SO very HAPPY.
6. He can always make me laugh when I feel nothing can make me smile.
7. He can always make me crying.. hehehe :)
8. He listens to me talkabout everything.
9. He is concerned about what I want.
10. He doesn't mind doing anything with me.
11. He is just so cute when he smiles at me.
12. He makes me smile when I'm feeling really bad.
13. He makes me feel good about myself.
14. He is a natural romantic.
15. He can be trusted with all my heart.
16. He will spend hours talking to me.
17. He makes me feel so special.
18. He is totally comfortable to be around.
19. He loves me for who I am.
20. He sounds so cute when he says "I love you".
21. He thinks I am beautiful no matter what I wear.
22. He always wants everything to be perfect for me.
23. He tries so hard to make me feel loved.
24. He gets mad when he can't make my problem go away.
25. He always smiles when we are together.
26. He get's worried about me.
27. He Misses Me.
28. He Truly Loves Me.
29. I'm happy bcoz he always bought roses for me.

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  1. ~ bestnya. hargai lah dia sebaiknya okeyh. dah jd single mingle cam i nie, baru lah tau nak appreciate org. :( ~

  2. insyaALLAH akn hargai sbaik mukin..
    mizza jangan sedey2 yerp. esk2 pasti akn ktemu calon yg tbaik :)


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