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05 June 2008

Tips :

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, June 05, 2008 | 1 Komen
Tips for handling a fight with a friend:

- In a healthy friendship, you should not be afraid of losing a friend because you say "no." Good friends should respect your right to say no and not give you a hard time. You should show your friends the same respect when they say no to you.

- If you and your friend fight about something, it does not mean that you have an unhealthy relationship. You will not always agree with what your friend has to say. But you should always respect one another’s ideas. As long as you and your friend listen to what the other has to say, you should be able to work through a fight.

- The relationships you have will help you learn a lot about yourself. You will learn about the kind of friends you want to have and the kind of friend you want to be.

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1 comment:

  1. i've learn a lot of bout friendship..
    suka duka.pahit manis wif my friend.
    ;) dats we call asam garam kehidpan ryte ;)


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