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18 June 2008

Today's story.

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, June 18, 2008 | 0 Komen
He called me this morning;as usual,wishing me morning and i love you to me.Im happy as I heard his voice,like I always said,his voice is a perfect serenity for me.To start my day,it seems incomplete if I didnt hear his voice talking.Its a must.And as for today he was very cheerful,happy and I just can feel that he was smiling there while talking to me.
(buat2 cheerful la cuz nk jawab test math kan ala2 confident gituu.. hikhik)

"Thanks shayang. i'm happy having you loving me and I love you so so much."

Last night we stay up on the phone;talking for hours,laughing bla bla..And as for now,Im happy having him and being loved by.I never thought of this will happen in my life.Eventhough got some probs that come over but yeah we manage to get over it.We trust each other and i think thats what make us together still.

One of the reason why i love him so much;he is really cool when it come to handling problems,much different from me;who can easily get mad and get angry.Im the one who can easily get moody as well.Thanks sayang,Im lucky for having you by my side.I love him so much.

Just hoping that my love will be last forever,pray for us :)
"Shayang,my heart beats for only you"

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