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02 July 2008

HaPPy BeSday :)

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, July 02, 2008 | 2 Komen
To My Mum : Nik Rosnah Bt Nik Hussain
Happy Birthday
to my beloved mother for her birthday... Semoga di panjangkan usia, di permudah dan murah rezeki, di sihatkan tubuh badan dah lebih di berkati Allah. Love You Bonda!! *Hugs*
Once again you've passed
Another eventful year.
It's time in your life to turn a new page :)

Just for My Mum.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Mama,
Happy Birthday to you......

Mothers Birthday Blessing
You've done so much,
dear mother,
There's only God
can ever know.
You've treasure stored
up in Heavent,
And i hope that this way
just show.

Dear mother, you are
sweet angel,
Send down my god from
Heavent above,
And for your bithday,
i send my wishes,
my prayers, my thought
and my love.

You offer so much time,
for every one,
In your heart, i think
that you know,
To your family, you are a
true blessing,
And you helps us all,
endlessly ever so.

You're true leading,
Guiding inspiration.
And thoughtful every
imiginable ways,
A mother's love, and care
you always show,
And you deserve a
special Happy Birthday.

These warmest wishes,
are sent yor way,
For one day each year
that;s special for you,
This birthday, God bless
you time again,
And everyday God bless,
your life, through.

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