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12 August 2008

To : K.Yin

Nik Nurehan | Tuesday, August 12, 2008 | 3 Komen

Thanks yerp k.yin cuz bagi this perfume by paris hilton ;)

Just Me :

Just Me makes a grand entrance with sparkling top notes that epitomize the high society girl. It exudes a youthful energy that's perfect for wearing day and night. It's trend setting and glamorous with notes that are just the right bouquet for the confident woman Paris has become. A fragrance that turns heads - you will be asked, "What are you wearing'" With a smile, simply reply, "It's Just Me."

Bfore this bg perfume by J.Lo. Skg neh dapat plak dr Paris Hilton. Hoyyeahh!! dua2 botol colour pink. kekeke. Apa pum terima kaseh bebanyak yerp. x lupa handbags from LV utk my mum & Tshirt utk my dad ;)

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  1. naaaaaaaaaaaaak jugaaaaaaaaaaaak...uwaaaaaa...

  2. whoaaaa perfume bestnye dpt perfume..

  3. ~ baik nya hati Kak Yin tuh. nak jugak boleh tak??? ~


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