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11 September 2008

To : Lynna

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, September 11, 2008 | 2 Komen

Thanks Cik Lynna ~~
Yeap, thanks Na sbb bagi/send kuey onde2 n satar ni kat umah an.
kiranya A big suprise jgk lah sbb di luar jangkaan la kamu atar kuey nih..
Dgr2 ting tong~~~ pastu my ayh panggil " saim mari neh"
Terima Kaseh yerp, tahu2 aja ghumah ni x de kuey ;)

*maklum la org tu kan dapat bonuss harusss blanjer. hehehe

* Satar :
This dish is cooked-wrapped in a banana leaf over a low-fire barbecue. Fish meat, shallots and ginger are pounded to a paste and wrapped in banana leaf before it is cooked.

Satar is an interesting blend of succulent boneless fish marinated in spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a flaming charcoal fire. Its sweet taste is tinged with delicate smell of the wrapping, making it a great appetizer and a healthy snack.

Onde-onde is one of the most cherished nyonya kuih for all seasons in the highly conspicuous.

The mini green balls filled with the syrup of gula Melaka (palm sugar) . The basic ingredients of this kuih are tepung beras (rice flour) and coconut milk. Onde-onde also coated with grated coconut on the outside.
Onde-onde is very delicious! the gula Melaka (the palm sugar) in it, literally bursts in your mouth when you take your first bite. Don't miss this specility!!!

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  1. onde2 sng akak mls nak wat..hehe

  2. heehe x penah wt. beli jerk~~ bkn nyer mkn manyak mana. baik beli. keke


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