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26 October 2008

A new Maybank2u~~

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, October 26, 2008 | 0 Komen

New look of maybank2u.....from d artistic, the design is more simpler but yet modern..ermm modern cotemporari, suit with the current environment...

When i logged in to it, everything were new...a bit slow i nk pickup on how to use it..dh la nk log in pn slow giler....im having some problem in using the new look of maybank2u..it took me almost an hour to complete a transaction.

But im glad i browse maybank2u and found that it has changed back to old look for the online transaction and left the homepage only with a new look....and no more slowness in the system anymore...thumbs up for maybank2u for considering clients convenient....well not all changes are good andcan make life easier..however, it does take us some time for us to adopt the new changes..

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