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28 March 2009

Made in Kelantan: Delicious Royal Murtabak

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, March 28, 2009 | 0 Komen

Plus-sized murtabak draws the crowd

KOTA BARU: A stall selling its very own king-sized murtabak – aptly named the “Royal Murtabak” – has been the focus of many during the fasting month here.

A long line of people is seen crowding the stall hours before the breaking of fast every day to buy the plus-sized delicacies.

Extra fillings: Nik Faizah making the murtabak at her house in Kota Baru yesterday.
Hawker Nik Faizah Nik Ab Rahman, 53, has been making and selling the extra big murtabak since 1995.

“I learned how to make murtabak from my mother, Allahyarham ibu, Nik Sarimah Nik Omar, who named it the Royal Murtabak,” she said.

Her mother had named the delicacy – dough wrapped in meat – the Royal Murtabak in the 1970s after the then Sultan of Kelantan Al-Marhum Tuanku Yahya Petra suggested it to her when dining at her stall.

Nik Faizah, who has three children, began learning the art of making the jumbo-sized murtabak at the age of 15.

Later, she took over her mother’s stall along Jalan Merbau here and made it a speciality for those breaking fast.

The response is so good, thanks to the double chunks of pastry and meat, rolled in with eggs, a secret recipe of spices, and a large serving of onions which her customers love.

* Saya menghasilkan murtabak diraja setebal kira-kira empat hingga lima sentimeter dengan bahan asas daging dan bawang pilihan bagi memastikan rasanya enak dan istimewa serta dimakan dengan bawang jeruk.

Are you visiting Kota Bharu soon? Or are you coming back to Kota Bharu to celebrate Hari Raya? You can order your Royal Murtabak here:

Hjh Nik Faizah bt Hj Nik Abd Rahman
Sec 4 No 19 Jalan Merbau
15300 Kota Bharu Kelantan
Tel : 09 748 38 98

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