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08 April 2009

Football madness in Kelantan

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, April 08, 2009 | 4 Komen

A toppled police four-wheel drive vehicle burning outside the Sultan Mohamad IV Stadium in Kota Baru last night.
Several other cars were also set on fire after Kelantan lost to Negri Sembilan 1-0 in the first leg of the FA Cup semi-final at the stadium.

The riot started after Kelantan goalkeeper Halim Napi and Negri player Aidil Zakuan got involved in a brawl when the match ended at 10.45pm.

Kelantan fans turned unruly and started shouting and throwing water bottles.

This led to Federal Reserve Unit personnel dispersing some 200 troublemakers and preventing further incidents.
Police brought the situation under control at 11.20pm.

* Sesungguhnya an ni bkn nyer peminat bola. Cuma entah kenapa rasa nk post entry ni..
Ishh.. Apa sudah jadi. Kalau wt camni leh puaskan hati ker..?

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  1. Hahahaa football hooligan, standard la tu ore kelate kito, gomo kelate gomo hahahahaah

  2. ish standard des. wat malu jah :P
    entah2 dy salah soram hok wt kijo tu. kekee

  3. ado duk dale keto polis hangus terbakar heheheheh

  4. dy : wakaka. pah sapo hok duk komeng ni. roh dio ko?? hahaha. takut wes.


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