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10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, May 10, 2009 | 6 Komen
Happy Mother's Day 2009

To My Mum :
Happy Mother's day, Mokkk!! ;)

My mum :
" Trima kaseh sbb bagi bunga ni, kalau bagi orkid spasu pum dh cukup"

Me :
Next time An belikan munga orkid okeh. kekke

Happy Mother’s Day

Means more than flowers and gifts

It means saying thank you

It means I love you

You are my mother, my friend

Today is your day!

Utk korang nyer mak :

I wish ur Mother a very Happy Mother’s Day and thank her for giving such a nice friend to me….. I Wish her long life and Happiness ever.

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  1. happy mother's day buat mak an ye..


  2. happy mothers day to mok.. mok, cari natu sorang deh hahaa

  3. selamat hr ibu ye mak...semuga anak mak an ni cepat2 le kawin..hehehehe

  4. yatie : wakaka.. apo neh. suh kak cik dh kan.. nanti2 dpt ler abg doc. keke

  5. lin : wakaka.. kalau leh mau kawen skg, tp incik kerie x keje lg :( uwaaaa


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