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10 June 2009

natural clenz tea

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | 0 Komen

Natural Clenx Tea™ contains 100% organic green tea and natural herbs without added sugar. It is definitely complements your weight management program and healthy lifestyle.

This unique herbal formulation is suitable for long term consumption, it helps to keep the colon clean, stimulate peristaltic movement of the intestine and remove excessive fat and waste. It is traditionally used for:

Colon cleansing and aid peristaltic movements of the colon.
Removing accumulated waste and excessive fat.

Natural Clenz Tea™ individually sealed in sachets for your convenience and to maintain tea freshness. This formulation is clinically proven that it helps peristaltic movement in colon; it does not over-stimulate the gastrointestinal tract or cause nutrients and moisture body loss. Drink it daily to effectively maintain a healthy and ideal body shape.

The colon plays a remarkable role in human body. The condition of our colon has very significant effects on every organ in the body and on our sense of well being in general.

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