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29 January 2010

Kyros Kebab

Nik Nurehan | Friday, January 29, 2010 | 0 Komen

Kelantan G42, Ground Floor KB Mall, Jalan Hamzah, 15050 Kota Bahru, Kelantan

* Kalau tanya pdapat An lah, Erkkk x sedapppppppp lansung!
* Serik dah. x mo beli!
* Dulu2 sedap jerk, tapi last day beli, eeeeeeeeeeeee

Ish! x baik eee, eee, kan. Mkanan tu. Hurmm..!!

Imagine tender, succulent meat, roasted slowly on a rotating vertical stainless steel infrared burner, wrapped in crisp Lebanese bread with fresh, crunchy vegetables, topped with the Kyros special sauce!

Now that your imagination is running wild and your stomach is growling, let's talk about what makes Kyros Kebab better than all the rest.

Our Kyros special sauce:
Sweet and tangy, with a unique blend of spices and the finest ingredients, our oh-so-secret sauce brings out the fabulous flavours of the Kyros Kebab. Its indescribable taste is what makes it different from any other kebabs and it is also what makes your mouth water at the thought of it every time!

Other X-Factors are:

1. We use only fresh meat, cooked with special spices and ingredients.
2. We roast our kebab meat over a specially-made, stainless steel, rotating infrared vertical burner. This vertical burner allows excess oil to drip off, making our kebab meat beautifully roasted, yet lean and so low in cholesterol that our chicken kebab has been certified as low fat and cholesterol free!
3. We provide a wide variety of choices - chicken, beef, lamb, chicken sausage and even vegetarian!
4. Our quality and hygiene control is of extremely stringent level.
5. Our mix of Mediterranean and Western concepts in our stores reverberate an ambience unlike any other.

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