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02 July 2010

Happy birthday mak ;)

Nik Nurehan | Friday, July 02, 2010 | 0 Komen
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Dear Mak,

Happy Birthday!
You are the strongest woman ever on earth. You have the greatest patience that may others don’t have. You sacrife a lot and try your best to make me happy at home. You are the best mom. You are the best cook. You are the best wife to my dad.

You hide your tears sometimes. You hide your sadness. You want your space but you have huge responsibilities at home. You try to understand each situation and try to be rational. Even though sometime you lose on your trial. But you never give up. You try to listen and talk even though others hurt you directly/indirectly.
Happy birthday Mak. May you have a great life and happiness always. My love is always for you.

You are my mom,

You are my friend,

You are my truly girlfriend.

Sometime, I hurt you,

Sometime I make you smile

Sometime I make you cry

Sometime I make you happy

Sometime I make you sad

And sometime I can be so naughty. (hehehe).


Without your blessing, I won’t be here,

Without your blessing, I won’t be who I am now,

Because I know, through your blessing,

I can feel your tender, love, care to me,

Thank you for your blessings.


I want you to be happy,

I want you to have a great life,

I want you not to worry so much,

I want you to know,

I love you so much. This is my wish just for you: I love you, I miss you and

Happy birthday my dearest mak, Nik Rosnah Nik Hussain. xoxox..

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