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04 July 2010

Nokia N8

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, July 04, 2010 | 0 Komen
Nokia blog today announced the release of the N8 and from the looks of the promo videos, this new device may shape up to be one of the most feature-packed Nokia smartphone we’ve ever seen.

The N8 is Nokia’s first device to feature the new Symbian ^3 platform that supports multitouch as well as pinch zoom. The new OS is looking very polished indeed. Hardware wise, the Nokia N8 packs a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a xenon flash that features the largest sensor ever used in a Nokia device. Nokia claims that sensor is bigger even than those found on many dedicated digital cameras. Nokia is saying that the camera on the N8 will mark the birth of a new breed of camera phones that promises to capture photos and video to rival dedicated point and shoot cameras.

Checkout the full collection of the Nokia N8 promo videos after the jump.

The camera on the N8 brings with it the ability to record high definition videos along with a smart built-in editing suite on the device so the videos can be edited on the fly. To enjoy those HD videos in its full glory, the N8 packs a 3.5-inch HD capacitive OLED touchscreen with 640×480 resolution. In addition, the N8 also has a HDMI out connector allowing you to hook the device to any HDTV with HDMI. Apart from HD output capabilities, the N8 can also output Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Storage on the N8 comes in the form of 16GB of built-in memory with MicroSD support expandable up to 48GB.

The new Symbian ^3 OS allows for up to three customisable homescreens that can be loaded with applications and widgets. There’s also improved 2D and 3D graphics performance for a faster and more responsive UI, greater memory management and a visual task manager.

Built quality looks to be top-notch too with the N8 being fashioned from a single piece of anodised aluminium that comes with five colour selections. An accelerometer, a magnetic compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor are all present on the N8. The N8 will cost EU€370 before local taxes and subsidies, at today’s exchange rates, this equates to about RM1590 and will be available sometime in the third quarter of 2010. We think that’s good value for such a feature-packed device.

Full details of the Nokia N8 here and here. Complete specifications here.

In the meantime, we’ve assembled here for you the full collection of the Nokia N8 promo videos. Happy viewing!

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