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03 September 2010

Dexaltin® [Oral paste]

Nik Nurehan | Friday, September 03, 2010 | 1 Komen
Mouth ulcers are painful. Not only are they painful, but with so many methods for treating mouth ulcers, which one works best?
The best treatment for mouth ulcers

Gargle with salt water. You should find that it works a treat. Salt is cheap and easy to get hold of and we all have it at home, so no need to splash out and spend lots of money on expensive mouth ulcer creams...

More ulcers advice

There's a great Chinese herbal formula, a powder that you spray on, that cures mouth cuts and sores very quickly. It's called Watermelon Frost. If you can find it (try Chinatown if you're near one), use it 2-3 times a day. You'll be very happy.

The best way I have tried is to coat it with a thin layer of antiseptic mouth gel. It comes in a tiny 5 ml tube from the pharmacies.

Get a Q-tip and dab a very slight bit of bleach just onto the sore itself. The kanker sore will be gone within 2 days.

Apply bicarbonate of soda to your ulcer it works a treat although doesn't taste very pleasant.

(1) Apply a tiny dab of oil of cloves to the sore.

The oil will initially give a burning sensation, but will then provide relief for several hours.

(2) Take a B-complex vitamin tablet every day.

Most sores are aggravated by the lack of vitamin


Rubbing Garlic directly onto the ulcer also works. Stings a little but the ulcer will be gone before the days out..

Bonjela always the answer to cure uscles! becx

Bonjela is not a very good solution.
the reason that bonjela is so popular is because it can be purchase over the counter. it hurts badly upon application and yr ulcers will be numb for just about 20 minutes and the pain will occur again.

i would suggest to ask from a pharmacist for oral paste. i use dexaltin oral paste. it give some sticky gluey feeling once u apply it over yr ulser (like melted candle wax stick at yr ulser). it reduces pain almost instantly and the ulser shrink after 2 days in my case.

there should be other brands of oral paste, but i been using dexaltin.

With reference to the garlic, i used some and it hurt like mad but now it feels like its gone even though its still there so it a good cheap fix. i will let you know if it disappears.

Thanks Mr. Proctor. I've used your salt solution(sorry, didn't mean to pun) for two days now and the ulcers have disappeared Even on the first day there was a noticeable improvement

Put salt on them yes it will burn!
but it gets rid of them too.

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