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14 October 2010

A Detoxifying Tea To Achieve Slimming Effects!

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 4 Komen
"Spring Clean Your Body Toxins"

Made from 100% organic green tea and natural herbs, Natural Clenx Tea is a new product launches, under NH Detoxlim brand. It is a colon cleansing tea which helps the body to shape up.

Natural Clenx Tea helps in bowel cleansing and eliminating all excess fat stored in the bowel area. It helps improve your overall well being, stimulate bowel movement, enhance your digestive system, increase metabolism, activate kidney functions and assists in removing all toxins and waste from the body. Simultaneously, it reduces the risk of various illnesses such as fatigue, constipation and others mentioned earlier. By removing waste, the body can easily absorb nutrients from the digestive tract. This formulation is clinically proven to help the peristaltic movement in the colon. It does not over-stimulate the gastrointestinal tract or cause water loss.

8 Features of Natural Clenx Tea :
Stimulate bowel movement and helps in excretion
Cleanse and eliminate all excess waste and fat stored in bowel area
Enhance Digestive System and Immune System
Activate kidney functions
Improve body metabolism
Helps in nutrients absorbing from digestive tract
Boost your energy level
Improve overall well being

Let's start your body spring clean today. All you need to do is drink one (1) teabag after your meal. It’s that easy. You’ll love how you feel when your body is free of toxins.
Sbenarnya bukan nk nk promote lebih2 tapi kan. wahh!! naik jemu kalau ngadap tea ni hari2 ok. opss x de la hari2. mau jgk selang beberapa hari. tapi adeshh! tekak ni dh jemuu oi minum tea. HUwaaa. Rasa x leh nk tgk minuman tea dh. mauu muntah2 jerk. haha. Harus STOP!!!

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  1. ann..yg tea ni Anna tgh minum..setiap 4jam selepas minum, mesti buang air besar..hehehe
    sampai naik pucat muka si anna tu minum tea nie..hehehe

    ann minum ke?

  2. anna?
    ambooi smpai pucat. haha.. teruk nyer.
    an skali skala takde la smpai hari2 lin.
    tapi kalau minum malam, esk pepagi membuang!

  3. Saalam..I minum juga...dah a few month. Tak kurus lah. Tapi my weight blh di uruskan. Cuma rasa best sbb asyik ketandas aje.

  4. azura : menda ni utk maintain kan weight kita jerk! kiranya kalau mkn tu x perlu rasa risau. minum je lah menda ni! kut2 trasa mkn dgn over! haha.. tapi tu las. rasa best sgt kalau dpt ke tandas. wt nyer sembelit, seksa!!


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