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14 October 2010

♥ Fungsi Sebenar Gadget Baru Nuffnang ♥

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 0 Komen
Ok bagi kengkawan yang masih tak faham function terbaru dari Nuffnang ni
jom kita sama2 baca & memahaminya...
If you login to your Nuffnang account now, you might find something different about it…
That’s right, we’ve added 2 new tabs for you!
Let’s look at the first tab – Getting Started.
Under this tab, you’ll be able to find useful information about how Nuffnang works and also instructions on how to insert ads into your blog. Of course, most of you avid readers of our blog already know how to do so from our FAQs and a few blog posts we’ve written about the features, but bloggers new to Nuffnang may not be as savvy. This info will now be automatically displayed to new bloggers the first time they login to their account, as our way of helping everyone to be on the same page :)
Do check out this tab yourself! Who knows? You might learn something you didn’t know too!
The next tab – Blogger Bio.
lick on this tab, and you’ll land on a page where you’re encouraged to fill up with more information about yourself, so that potential advertisers who wish to engage you for opportunities more than banner campaigns can get to know you. Of course, I doubt any advertiser will be interested to engage me because I’m just too darn weird. *sob*

So there you have it, a quick introduction to the 2 new tabs on your Dashboard.

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