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17 October 2010

It's pretty strong.

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, October 17, 2010 | 0 Komen
Losyen Mustajab Extra Hot " With Extract Ginger"

Harga Pasaran : RM 24.00
Dibeli dengan harga, RM 22.00
The information on the box of the lotion states:

1. Sangat sesuai bagi tujuan urutan di seluruh badan dengan memecahkan dan membuang angin-angin di dalam badan (very suitable for use in massaging the whole body by breaking and expelling wind in the body)

2. Ia juga boleh memecahkan lemak di dalam badan dan menjadikan bentuk badan lebih langsing (It can also break up fats in the body making the body more slender)

3. Membantu mengatasi masalah selulit (Helps to overcome cellulite problems)

4. Membantu mengatasi sakit perut akibat senggugut (Helps to overcome stomachace resulting from menstrual pain)

5. Sesuai untuk ibu yang lepas bersalin (Suitable for mothers who have just given birth)

6. Sakit otot dan sendi (muscles and joint pain)

7. Kembung perut dan sakit belakang (Stomach bloatiness and back pain)

- Tidak berminyak (Non oily)
- Mudah menyerap (Easily absorbed)
- Untuk kegunaan luaran sahaja (For external use only)
- Sesuai untuk seisi keluarga (Suitable for the entire family)
- Jauhi dari kanak-kanak (Keep out of reach of children)
- Tidak sesuai untuk bayi (Not suitable for babies)

The other thing that hits me is the smell of ginger. It's pretty strong. So if you don't want to let anyone know you're using it, then it's best to use at night before sleep, and not walk around the living room or office after that. Otherwise someone might quip, "eh, what smell is that ah?". Hehe. I only use it once a day, at night before bed.

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