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27 October 2010


Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 2 Komen
Making your Phone more Social
Socially utilizes the rich data emerging from your social networks to enrich your phone's Address Book, Calendar, CallerID, Idle screen and more. Your regular phone feels more 2010.

What is Socially?

Socially is a mobile phone application that lets you keep track of all the friends you are connected to on multiple social networks. You can use Socially to track recent activity of friends on different social networks. Socially also shows you up-to-date social information about the callers during an incoming call and as alerts on the phone desktop (home) screen, enabling you to have better conversations


Socially is a different type of mobile social client.

Socially's focus is to unify social data with various parts of the mobile phone experience viz. Address Book, Incoming Calls, Idle Desktop Screen, Calendar, Location and much more. Thereby enriching your regular mobile phone experience.

All your Social Networks in one place
We support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Foursquare

Block Pesky Callers
When you receive a call from somebody outside your address book (that telemarketer again?), you have an option to block the caller.
The next time Caller calls you, your phone will never even ring.
Good riddance. For free.

Location of Anonymous Callers
When you receive a call from outside your address book, you can now see the caller's likely home location.
Very useful feature in large countries or those with multiple carriers and a myriad of numbering plans.

* Cik An pun gunakan socially!! Yeayy!!

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  1. samalah kita an..
    hehe E72 jugak yer...

  2. yeap iena. haha.
    E72 colour puteh. hehe. so iena jd ke nk tukar C3 colour pink?


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