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04 December 2010

Going on a holiday and don't know where to leave your 'loved ones'?

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Well, you've come to the right place. The MASkargo Animal Hotel provides a pets stay-in program where you can leave your 'cuddly friends' behind and be rest assured that they will be well taken care off. What's more, we are conveniently situated at the KL International Airport itself, with pick up services available to and from the terminal!

Our goal at the Animal Hotel is to provide a peace of mind to all pet owners by offering a safe, spotless and comfortable facility, staffed by knowledgeable and gentle animal-loving professionals.

6 Star Services

At the Animal Hotel, your pets will be served with premium quality food to ensure that they receive a balanced diet with all necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Kitten Menu
Hill's Science Plan Kitten Meal (Chicken of Tuna)
Higher levels of DHA helps develop the body, brain and immune system.
Blackwood Kitten Super Premium Feline Nutrition
Special blend of chicken and fish meals help reduce shedding and eliminate hairballs.
Feline Menu
Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Meal (Chicken or Tuna)
Provides higher levels of vitamin E to help cats stay younger, longer.
Blackwood Kitten Super Premium Feline Nutrition
Special blend of chicken protein and fish meals help maintain a healthy immune system, good heart function and vision.

Puppy Menu
Hill's Science Plan Puppy (Original or Lamb & Rice)
Higher DHA levels helps develop the bran and vision, and helps build strong bones and immune system.
Blackwood Puppy
Formulated for small or large breed puppies, it helps calm the digestive system and helps promote optimum growth.
Blackwood 2000
Super premium diet provides extra energy levels for optimum growth, energy and reproductive performance.
Canine Menu
Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult (Original or Lamb & Rice)
Provides higher levels of vitamins E and C and promotes healthy immune system.
Blackwood 1000
Ideal balance of protein and fats supply all the energy and nutritious requirement of active adult dogs.
Blackwood Alternative
Formulated for dogs that may require alternative diets due to food allergies. Proteins are derived from Catfish Meal and Duck, and contains no wheat, corn or soy.

Grooming and Spa services are also provided upon request. All our air-conditioned kennels and catteries are also specially designed for the comfort and luxury of your 'furry friends'.

The process of checking in is simple, as all bookings are done conveniently online! :

  • Fill up all your particulars on our on line booking page
  • Choose your pet's dining menu throughout its stay
  • State pick-up and drop-off date and time for us to pick them up at the designated point
  • Pay with credit card.
  • Drop-off your pets at the appointed time (Our staff would be waiting there with our transport)
  • Go on your holiday!
  • Pick up your pet from the same point when you return

Please remember to inform us if you are running late!

You are most welcome to bring any toys or your pets regular diet from home.

Other Services

Vet Services

Should your pets require medical attention, our 24-hour veterinarian services are available for your peace of mind.

Grooming and Spa

Grooming is provided upon request by our professionally trained groomer. Our full service-grooming salon features the latest equipment and products. Your pet will be bubble-bathed, brushed, trimmed and massaged as well.

Grooming and Spa services available at Animal Hotel:

  • Bathing
  • Blowdrying
  • De-fleaing
  • De-ticking
  • Hydrotheraphy in our Jacuzzi
  • Massage

If you've not heard of Hydrotherapy, it is actually relaxing sessions for your pets. It stimulates the skin of your pets, improving blood circulation and promoting a healthier metabolism while relieving muscle pain and stress.

Pick-up and delivery

Upon confirmation of your booking, you can hand your pets over to our staff at the designated pick-up/drop-off points, where our shuttle services will transport them to the Animal Hotel.

We have two locations which are conveniently located at the Main Terminal Building and Low Cost Carrier Terminal at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Sumber : http://www.maskargo.com/animalhotel

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