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25 December 2010

Simply weight Loss – Free Weight Loss Tip How Not To Lose Weight A Weight Gaining Diet.

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, December 25, 2010 | 2 Komen
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Free Weight Loss Tips

Just because a person is thin it doesn’t mean they are healthy. People who don’t put on weight may feel they can eat whatever and whenever they like. However there are hidden dangers; the cholesterol levels can easily climb and various other silent killers may lurk about; such as diabetes. It is therefore pivotal that thin people who have trouble putting on weight still eat healthy.

There are various weight gaining diet plans but all have the one goal; to consume more calories than are being burned. Many people who struggle to put on weight are very active and therefore require a high daily calorie intake. The secret is to focus on good calories and not bad ones.

Some examples of weight gaining diet foods include:

• Fish
Fish is high in protein, makes you feel fuller faster and is known for excellent weight gain. Bodybuilders eat a lot of fish for the protein and because protein does not result in excess fat, you are putting on lean muscle instead which is healthier.

• Fruit
Fruit such as bananas are ideal for weight gain. Most other fruits will not result in actual gains but will make you healthy.

• Vegetables
Vegetables are the key to weight gain. You can eat as many vegetables as you like without feeling guilty. If you really need to gain weight then consider two to three small vegetable meals per day.

• Lean Meat
Meat is the other key to putting on weight. Although vegetarians may not be skinny, eating meat will certainly hasten the process of weight gain. Lean meats like lean beef and chicken should be eaten 4-5 times per week if your goal is to put on weight.

Some other free weight loss tip for a weight gaining diet include eating regular small meals rather than 3 large meals. 6 smaller meals will stop your body using up reserves of fat as it waits for the next meal. Providing a constant supply of food means there is always something for your body to work from.

In conclusion you can eat a weight gaining diet, but metabolism and genetics may be working against you. Regardless if you are simply weight loss or trying to gain weight, the most important thing is for you to eat healthy.

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  1. haha. sama ah. niat nk diet mula la tnampak mkanan sedap2 depan mata. x leh tahan.


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