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Cara utk cash out Nuffnang earnings!!!

Cara utk cash out Nuffnang earnings!!!

Jumlah minimum untuk para blogger boleh cashout adalah rm 50

1. Click 'cash out my earnings'
2. pastikan semua details anda betul dari segi nama, alamat, ic
3. kalau dah betul ksemuanya apa lagik click saja ok!! ;)

yeehaaaaaaa. tunggu saja cek nuffnang anda smpai di alamat spt dimahukan oleh korang2 ek!! hehee. senang kan?! ;P
Kerja! Kerja! by Mohd Khairi

Kerja! Kerja! by Mohd Khairi

locations : Site Tawang, Kelantan
I love FAST FOOD !! It's healthy & Halal! I love hotdogs, especially 1901 hotdogs!

I love FAST FOOD !! It's healthy & Halal! I love hotdogs, especially 1901 hotdogs!

Always check out MAD deals at MAD! http://milkadeal.com/
1901 Hot Dog KLCC
Value Discount Savings
RM17.70 44% RM7.70

Phone: +603 5512 1901

Suria Klcc,
Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur.

1901™ Hot Dogs provide a healthier alternative for their customers. Only quality meat cuts are used in 1901™ sausages – no mechanically de-boned meat allowed. The hot dogs are also steamed to minimize the usage of oil and to retain their natural flavours. On top of that, 1901™ uses low fat alternatives for its sauces and toppings.
1901™ offers their basic core hot dogs at all their outlets. Choose from the famous New York Chicken, Chicago Beef and Texas Ted (regular at RM5.90 each) or the delicious Coney Dog and Deutsch Doodle Dang (regular at RM6.90 each). There is also a range of Topping Bar Hot Dogs at 1901™ Snack Cafe outlets like the Cheezy Carbonara, Frank & Beans, Spicy Bavarian and Melting Pot.

At the 1901™ KLCC Outlet, save with their ‘Wise Buys’; a Regular Hot Dog + Mashed Potato + Orange juice at only RM9.90 (regular set).
Today’s deal: 1901™ Texas Ted Chicken (Regular) - steamed chicken sausage in a soft hot bun with melted cheese, topped with 1901™’s yummy BBQ Sauce and a dash of chilli flakes for the added zing at only RM10 for 3delicious Texas Ted Hot Dogs. A super deal not to be missed!

RM10 instead of RM17.70 for 3 Texas Ted Chicken Regular at 1901 Hot Dogs, Suria KLCC [44% OFF]
Hanya RM 15 shj!!!!

Hanya RM 15 shj!!!!

Value Discount You Save
RM36.80 59% RM21.80
Voucher redemption period: 4 March 2011- 4 May 2011

RM15 instead of RM36.80 for ANY Appetizer + ANY Sandwich Wrap + ANY TWO Hot Coffees at Coffee Chemistry Cafe, Sunway Giza [59% OFF]

Serving only the world’s finest coffee, Graffeo Coffee is high quality premium coffee at an incredibly affordable price. Coffee Chemistry Café prides itself in serving fresh, homemade, no MSG and delicious meals too. Their Vegetable Frittata (RM4.90) and Homemade Pumpkin Soup are enviable yet affordable. Try their Salmon Wrap (RM8.90), Caesar Salad (RM9.90), Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM5.90) or Seafood Pasta (RM16.90). Whoever says delicious meals are costly should really hurry on over. If you’re not into coffee, they do have homemade lemonade (RM4.50), tea and juices too.

Hidden in a corner, inside Sunway Giza (Lot C-3A-1), atop Mozida, like a gem waiting to be discovered, Coffee Chemistry Café exceeds expectations.

Homemade sauce, amazing pizza!

With this deal, choose any 2 of their luxuriously aromatic Hot Coffee of either Americano (RM5.00), Expresso (RM4.50) Cappucino (RM6.50), Caffe Latte (RM6.50), Caramel, Roasted Almond or Hazelnut Latte (RM9.90), Mochiato(RM5.00) or Moccha (RM6.50).
It’s a cool place to hang out and with free WIFI (Unifi 5 Mbps), you might want to set up camp and keep the coffee coming!
Ice Cream GORENG Terbaeeekk!!

Ice Cream GORENG Terbaeeekk!!

hey! korang jgn la salah paham ek. walaupun entry sblm ni cik an komen x sedap kan.
hurm tapi satu mkanan yang teramat la sedap. haa order 3 jenis satu jenis mmg memikat hati kami bdua. iaitu ice cream goreng! yeayyyyyyyy!! sedap woo!!! harganya rm 5.90 shj! sgt shedap! hihi. nati2 korang cuba la singgah n rasakan ice cream goreng ini ok! dimana? di first station loll!!
korang kasi je ice cream apa2 mesti kami puji sedap kut! mmg hantu ice cream. muahahha!
First Station Coffee Shop KB

First Station Coffee Shop KB

Price : RM 13.90 X 2
Comment : x brapa best. x sesuai dengan selera kami! msing2 mkn 2/3 mulut shj. rugi je kan, dah lama mahal. huh. sori ya first station, x leh nk puji2!

67% off for Any Casing at HausofBiB, Bangsar!

67% off for Any Casing at HausofBiB, Bangsar!

discount! discount! sapa x mo discount angkat kaki cepat! hihi
mmg ah korang ni pantang tgk discount semua x mo angkat ye. hehe. lebih2 lagik 67% kan. woww!! byk!!!
RM10 for RM30 worth of Cash Voucher for Any Casing at HausofBiB, Bangsar as FEATURED IN NST [67% OFF]

Value Discount Savings
RM30 67% RM20
Company Information:
Phone: +6019 600 3915

Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.
Red Silicone Case at RM25
Terbaik ayam percik!

Terbaik ayam percik!

Ayam percik tbaekkkk dari nik faizah. oh ya nik faizah ini lebih dikenali sbg serimas. ops! kiranya yang femes dengan murtabak serimas la. haaa ini cap serimas ni mmg dikenali la beb disekitar kota bharu.
harga seekor ayam percik ni, rm 25 oke.!
harga yg sgt bpatutan. nk buat sndiri? x tbuat disbbkan malas. haha. malas ke x reti ek?kuikui
dediam la korang neh. manyak nanya pulak. mkn sudah. dh beli ni, jemput2 semua mkn!

Alamat: Seksyen 4, no19 jalan merbau,
Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


Mcdonald's sundae cone is enough to make ur day! hihi
yang! mau mkn ice cream ni lg. murah saja beb, rm 1.05 shj! yummy!
Maggi ketam..!!??

Maggi ketam..!!??

signbod "maggi ketam"
Beris Bachok Kelantan. Makan Maggie Ketam!!
hoho ini lah ptama kali cik an skluarga mkn maggi ketam okies. slalunya mkn meggi dengan udang or telur jerk. wah kali ni mkn maggie dengan ketam woo!!
comment : nk kata tlalu sedap. x jgk. bole la. lg pun sudah sejuk kan.
kemungkinan mkn di kedai itu, sedap kut! hehe
Remember, a moment lost can never be replaced. Snap, Shoot, Exposed!

Remember, a moment lost can never be replaced. Snap, Shoot, Exposed!

Value Discount You Save
RM135.00 69% RM93.00

The Company
DFChannel Photography
Phone: +6014 669 0145

No. 32A,
Jalan SP 5/2,
Seri Pristana,
Sungai Buloh,

RM42 instead of RM135 for a 45-minute Outdoor Portraiture session + One FREE 8R Photo + One FREE Photo CD by DFChannel Photography [69% OFF]

Bagaimana utk mdapatkan discount terbaik ini? dengan http://www.milkadeal.com/
They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

his deal is ideal for couples wanting to have their moments captured, lovely lovebirds in their 80s never had their photos taken together professionally, a family of four too busy with the normal conundrums of life, best friends, as a gift for your parents, grandparents or even a portfolio for yourself. Any reason is good enough to be shot by Fitri.

DFChannel Photography has identified three main locations for the outdoor portraiture:

  • Putrajaya
  • Tasik Shah Alam
  • Taman Tasik Perdana

Take your pick, round up your contacts and get shot at scenic bridge view of Putrajaya, among the hive of activities of Tasik Shah Alam and amidst the sound of birds chirping, flying over you at Taman Tasik Perdana.

Put that 45 minutes of wonderful exposure to good use; flash your smile, focus on happy thoughts and put on your spanking, hot shoe.

Lfazkan cinta kepada orang yang anda minati.  #CornettoLove

Lfazkan cinta kepada orang yang anda minati. #CornettoLove

Say It With Cornetto Style Bid for your favourite celebrity and he/she will help you express your love to your love interest! This is your one chance to impress your loved one with a personalised live serenade. We’ve got a surprise celebrity to be revealed every 10 days. Interested? Find out more on Facebook!

I changed my header/template! Love so much!!

I changed my header/template! Love so much!!

Love the new header. LIKE IT OR DON'T LIKE IT? ... tsangat2 la bpuas hati! excited giler bila cik yatie bg ini tau. opss korang nk tahu, cik yatie dengan baek nya bg satu set tau, tmasuk la template baru. yang korang2 tgk skg ni adalah hasil kerja cik yatie lah. Hope korang2 semua like my new header yerk!! ..
Trima kaseh yg x thingga kpd cik yatie krn bsusah payah utk membuat header yg tchantek ini! yeay!!

* ada masa tluang leh la wt lagik! hihi.
* opsss incik khairi merungut oke! hahahhaa.

Betis tembus tertusuk kayu! Aauucchh!!

Betis tembus tertusuk kayu! Aauucchh!!

Kenal tak dengan atlit sukan Azizulhasni? Beliau adalah seorang pelumba basikal negara bertaraf dunia.
AZIZULHASNI dalam kesakitan selepas betisnya tertusuk serpihan kayu  dalam perlumbaan di Manchester, semalam.
Mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kejayaan azizul..great fighter.
MANCHESTER: Menahan kesakitan akibat betis kirinya tercedera tertusuk serpihan kayu trek, pelumba basikal negara, Azizulhasni Awang tetap menamatkan perlumbaan untuk muncul juara keseluruhan Kejohanan Trek Berbasikal Siri Piala Dunia di sini, pagi semalam.

Terdahulu, Azizul terbabit dalam perlanggaran di selekoh terakhir saingan sirkit terakhir di Velodrom Manchester tetapi bangkit untuk meraihkan tempat ketiga. Ia sudah memadai bagi Azizul merangkul juara keseluruhan siri berkenaan.
Perlumbaan itu dimenangi oleh Chris Hoy dari Britain yang juga mendapat tempat kedua secara keseluruhan.
Pelanggaran kelajuan tinggi di selekoh terakhir itu turut membabitkan Kamil Kuczynski dari Poland, Edward Dawkins (New Zealand) dan Juan Peralta Gascon (Sepanyol). Di kala Azizul meneruskan semula kayuhan, Dawkins menolak basikal ke garisan penamat, manakala Peralta berlari tanpa basikal yang menyebabkan penyertaannya dibatalkan.

Dengan serpihan kayu sepanjang 17.5 sentimeter (kira-kira tujuh inci) menembusi belakang betis ke tulang keringnya, anak muda dari Terengganu itu menunggang semula basikal dan membuat henjutan semula untuk memenangi pingat gangsa dan terus dibawa ke hospital untuk pembedahan selepas itu.

Hoy, seorang daripada dua yang menamatkan perlumbaan tanpa terbabit dalam pelanggaran berkata: “Azizulhasni biasanya akan membuat henjutan dan pecutan untuk memintas... jadi sesuatu yang seumpama itu mungkin tidak dapat dielakkan berlaku terhadapnya.”
Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) Datuk Zolkples Embong yang turut berada di Manchester menyaksikan kejohanan itu, berkata Azizulhasni menjalani pembedahan kecil bagi mengeluarkan serpihan kayu itu dan berdasarkan ujian imbasan X-Ray, serpihan kayu itu tidak mendatangkan kecederaan serius pada tisu betis dan tidak mengenai tulang Azizulhasni.
“Azizulhasni memberitahu saya dia tidak berasa sakit dan hanya menyedari selepas berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan. Ketika dalam ambulans ke hospital, Azizulhasni yang menahan kesakitan masih sempat bercerita kepada saya mengenai hasratnya untuk mengejar pingat emas di Sukan Olimpik London 2012 nanti,” katanya.
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser. Dapatkan scara percuma! hihi

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser. Dapatkan scara percuma! hihi

hye girls,

alhamdullilah, hari ni dh smpai tau! yehaaaa. hihi. x rugi jgk join olaybeauty ni.
korang bila lg? cepat2 la bdaftar di onlybeauty.com.my
THE FACEBLOG. Jom sertai sekarang!

THE FACEBLOG. Jom sertai sekarang!

korang dah sertai faceblog ker? skali dgr mcm facebook kan. eh sapa la x tahu facebook. tipu lah!! siang malam duk lepak kat sotu. coolblog?? haha. hampir2 dh tu. minuman yg tbaekk! tapi kalau slalu sgt minum mau gak jemu, nsib la ada mcm2 perisa. skg neh tekak x mo coolblog dh tapi nak kan daily fresh plak. hihi. Bagi sesiapa yang ada blog tu sila2 la daftar sbg ahli okey!!

A reason for a girl's day out! Grab your Mothers, BFFs, Sisters and Aunts for a fun girls’ day out!

A reason for a girl's day out! Grab your Mothers, BFFs, Sisters and Aunts for a fun girls’ day out!

Half off Manicure + Pedicure

Value Discount You Save
RM70.00 50% RM35.00

hey! hebat kan, dapat 50% dengan pembelian coupon di http://milkadeal.com
apa lagik pat2 la beli n manjakan diri anda okies!
Unlimited purchase of vouchers but limited to one redemption per person. Therefore, additional vouchers may be purchased as gifts.
Redemption period: 1 March - 30 April 2011

Half off Manicure + Pedicure at Jacqs & Jans, Damansara Heights
Company Information:

Jacqs & Jans
Phone: +603 2095 6733

7A Jalan Setiapuspa,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Pamper your tired feet and twisted hands to a delightful pedicure + manicure at Jacqs and Jans, Damansara Heights, while soaking in some delicious gossip!

For the uninitiated, a manicure starts with cleaning off old nail polish, cut and shaping of the nails, applying cuticle softener and then soaked for a few minutes after which the cuticles are pushed back and excess is trimmed. Then only the hands are massaged gently and new nail polish is applied.

You can choose to apply OPI color nail polish or clear nail polish. For color nail polish, a base coat is applied first, followed by the color coat and completed with a top coat.

Then, the manicurist will give you a hand massage, soak your hands in paraffin or wax before putting on hand lotion.

The same goes for a pedicure except that your feet are scrubbed right up to the knees before nail polish is applied.

For added shine, you could opt to complete the mani or pedi with a buff and French manicure at a minimal additional cost.

For Veena Petrus (the owner), her 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry doing bridal makeup services, hairstyling and facials using only Sothys and Intraceuticals products can only mean one thing.

You're in safe hands.

There’s no point biting your nails & dragging your feet thinking about it.

Kelas vokal dengan Cikgu Siti Hajar Akademi Fantasia! RM65 aje untuk 1 jam 30 minit. Harga biasa RM188!

Kelas vokal dengan Cikgu Siti Hajar Akademi Fantasia! RM65 aje untuk 1 jam 30 minit. Harga biasa RM188!

Anda suka menyayi? ingin memperbaiki suara? mempelajari teknik suara dgn betul?
kini anda x perlu risau lg!!
65% off Adult Vocal Class with Cikgu Siti Hajar of Akademi Fantasia
Value Discount Savings
RM188 65% RM123

Company Information:
Studio Vokal Siti Hajar
Phone: +6014 338 2112

Lot No 01-53B,
1st Floor,
Galaxy Ampang Shopping Centre,
Jalan Dagang 5,
Taman Dagang,
This introductory trial vocal class for adults at Studio Vokal Siti Hajar (SVSH) is a 5 in a group session, for a period of 1 hour and 30 minutes, covering vocal techniques, breathing, side reading and basic theory of music using music syllabuses from ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall, London.
Assam laksa really made me go Wowww!! Favourite tuuuu ;)

Assam laksa really made me go Wowww!! Favourite tuuuu ;)

Korang lapar? korang suka makan2? korang sukakan penang assam laksa? adoi kalau an lah, mmg suka giler ah. dgn kuah2 yang panas/pekat. peh! sedap beb! korang nk tahu skg ni dgn harga rm 6 korang2 semua dh leh mkn kenyang tau. kalau sblm2 ni korang kena sdiakan skitar rm 14 jgk lah tp kali ni ada promosi yg baekk punya!!

RM6 instead of RM14 for authentic Penang Assam Laksa and Any Drink at Sbread, The Gardens as featured in THE STAR [57% OFF]
Normal price : RM 14
Discount : 57 %
You Save : RM 8

korang mesti tetanya2 kt mana? kt mana? hehe. sapa x sukakan makan2 dengan harga promosi. eee promosi!! dalam kata lain discount la. hihi.
Mcm mana korang nk dapatkan discount coupon ni kan? haaaa bminat ek!!! korang klik2 kat http://milkadeal.com/

the gardens,
LG232b, lingkaran syed putra, 59200 kuala lumpur

kalau korang tgk akan nama kedai ni mesti korang ingat ada jual roti2 jerk. did we know that they actually sell some authentic, mouth-watering, home-cooked Penang Assam Laksa.
Assam Laksa - RM 8.50
Based on our own experience with the Penang Assam Laksa, they are very generous with their mackerel, pineapple cubes, fresh mint and prawn paste for the added ‘kick’.

Yummy Yam Pandan Kaya Toast (RM3.80)

Special Pink Barley (RM3.50)

Some of the drinks served include:

  • Imported Iced Thai Tea RM5.50
  • Penang Kopitiam Coffee RM3.20
  • Hot Chocolate RM3.50
  • Lain-lain

If you happen to visit, please do not be intimidated by her fiery appearance. She is actually very friendly. Be warned tough, she only speaks English and (Penang) Hokkien. Her Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese and Mandarin is atrocious.


Paling top dipasaran ketika ini, shawls earring! It's totally a must-have!

Paling top dipasaran ketika ini, shawls earring! It's totally a must-have!

memang sgt2 glam jika mengayekan shawl earring ni tau.
dihujung shawl ni ade aksesori yg sgt comel.

Horey Horey!! Ari sabtu yg paling cik an gumbira. krn dh lama gilerrr cik an x memiliki koleksi shawls yang tbaru. mmg lama dh la x membeli2 shawls ni. ini pun belas kasihan & sayang jd cik an dapat la 4 lai skali gus okies. trima kaseh incik tunangan yg tcinta sbb memsponsorkan shawls baru ini. yahoooooooo!!! kalau dulu2 suka sgt membeli shawls scara online. pantang tgk mesti nk beli tapi berkat ksabaran manyak bulan jgk la stop dr shopping2 on9 ni. tapi kali ini x leh tahan dah tapi korang jgn salah paham yerk. shawls2 ini x dibeli scara on9 mahupun beli di mall or wakaf cekyeh atau dimana2 pasar skitar kota bharu la tapi shawls ini dibeli oleh bakal adik ipar iaitu adik kery yang brada di shah alam. hihi. tq adik na cayunk!

korang2 nak tahu, sblm2 ni cik an ada la nanya2 kt mall kb tu, harganya mak oi punya la mahal skitar rm25. kalau kt online ni lebih kurang gitu gak la kut harganya, kalau murah pun ada la skit2 kan. tapi korang jgn tekezupppppppp okeh yang my dikna beli ni dgn harga hurmm harga hanyalah rm 10 shj! opss! bln rm 10 utk 4 lai. gilak!!! rm 10 utk shelai shawls. murah kan??? bg cik an murah giler ah mana nk dpt lagik!!! kalau korang boleh beli dg harga rm 10 kebawah mmg korang pembeli yang hebat ataupun korang ni salah seorang pemborong la kut! hihi. dlm 5 lai shawls yang dibeli olehnya, 4 lai cik an amik ok. satu lagik colour brown, cik an tolak! hihi. pemilihan shawls ini dipilih oleh cik an sndiri n my incik tunangan. hihi. siap mms ke incik tunangan utk memilihnya! ye lah, nk suh si dia bayar mesti la nk dia tolong pilihkan. kalau ikutkan incik tunangan x de kesah pun. apa yang cik an kenan, dia ok jerk. tapi ada time tu apa salahnya kalau kita mintak pdapatnya kan! :)

lalalala. senang hati loll! esk2 boleh la bposing dgn shawls baru! ;) jgn jeles ok! tata

FINE TV NETWORK??? I can now watch my favourite shows

FINE TV NETWORK??? I can now watch my favourite shows



What about a whole new TV show viewing experience? Switch to FineTV where all you need is an internet connection to catch all your favourite shows! No drilling and no satellite dish! Switch to FineTV today!

An Image Slideshow

A Licensed Content Application Service Provider license under MCMC.
The owner of an IPTV Tv station branded as FineTV. In Corporated in 1996. Being awarded a broadcast license in 1998 until 2020. Launched FineTV IPTV services Since December 2005. A subsicliary Company Of Eurofine Group


Easy Access
Always open 24hours
Viewing Video On Demand
Live TV Channel
Enable Trick Play
No Schedule
Unlimited Channel
Enable Internet Access
Enable Video Talk
Personalised Channels
Rewind / Forward Technology
Internet Browsing on TV
Video Conference on TV
Multiple Site

Corporate Address

7214, Jalan BBN 1/2G,
Putra Point, Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 850 1552
Fax: +606 850 1662
E-mail: info@finetv.com.my
Ptg jumaat di Kenny Roger's!

Ptg jumaat di Kenny Roger's!

Satu set bharga, rm 15.90 ( harga yg sgt bpatutan )
Dari segi harga ok lah, x de mahal. kira semua org mampu la kut! hihi. yg penting sedap!! kira bebaloi jgk la. hihi. an ni cakap mcam la korang2 semua x penah mkn kan. aahaaks.

spt biasa 2 set utk mkn2, 2 set lagik utk dibawa pulang for my dad & my mom!
love mak ayah!! mmmuaaxssh!

My incik tunangan, Mohd Khairi! time ni tgh nunggu mknana yang lum smpai ke meja kami. hihi ;) slalunya kalau mkn mesti duk bsebelahan. tapi kali ni bhadapan oke! disbbkan full beb. rmai giler yg mkn2 di kenny roger's
makcik mana plak neh? hihi. x mo ckp lebih2, anda sendiri la jawab oke! kihkih.

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