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16 February 2011

Your car breaks down!! Alamakk!!!!

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | 2 Komen

Your car breaks down
In the middle of town
Who ya gonna call?


Need car insurance
For your reassurance
Who ya gonna call?

Apart from the 24 hour breakdown assistance; free towing and minor on the spot repair service in the Free Breakdown Zones; and vehicle inspection and valuation service that we all take for granted, owning the AAM Basic Membership Card also entitles its members to:

Third Party Accident Claims

Child safety seat rental scheme

Car Care & Defensive Driving Courses

Reminder service for Road Tax & Driving License renewal

Errands related to the Road Transport Department / JPJ such as Assistance in transfer / cancellation of vehicle ownership, application for replacement of lost road tax, sticker, etc.

Issuance of International Driving Permit

Free battery Delivery Service where you only need to pay for the battery

Outside breakdown zone claim up to RM200 (claimable only once in a year)

Drive magazine with information on Motoring News

*more on AAM Basic Card

AAM Basic Card privileges give you more than just peace of mind!

RM65 instead of RM100 for AAM Basic Card Membership [35% OFF]

Value : RM 100
Discount : 35 %
Save : RM 35

Hanya RM 65 shj okies. x perlu pk lama/panjang! time discount ni cepat2 la rebut!

The Company
Automobile Association of Malaysia
Phone: +603 5511 1932

225 Block 4,
No 7 Persiaran Sukan,
Laman Seri Business Park,
Section 13,
Shah Alam,

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