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07 February 2011

Yummy and cute red velvet cupcakes and cakes for a fraction of the cost!

Nik Nurehan | Monday, February 07, 2011 | 1 Komen
Anda suka penjimatan??? Anda sukakan sesuatu yang dengan harga berpatutan? anda sukakan discount..?? ( i tsangat suka okeh) hihi. jimat shingga 60% okeh!! manyak tu. lebih dari stengah harga. mana nk dpt!!!!
Valentine's Red Velvet Cupcakes (4 Cupcakes) or One Red Velvet Cake for only RM10 from Kitchen Guardian [60% off]

Get your orders in and shower your loved ones with Kitchen Guardian's creations that include magnificent macaroons, pretty profiteroles, layered wedding cakes and fruit tartlets, among others.

Especially for you this Valentines, Kitchen Guardian presents The Red Velvet cake and cupcakes topped with luxurious, creamy cream cheese. Sink your teeth in the velvety smooth, red with love, oozing with creamy white cheese. A definite cause for celebration.

nak suprisekan sesuatu utk org tersayang.
nk sesuatu yang chumel?
anda suka makan lebih2 mkanan yg kiut dan sedap??
lolll apa tunggu lagik!! masih ada masa dan anda jgn lah lepaskan peluang sbaik ini!
value : RM 25
discount : 60%
Save : RM 15
Amacam? best kan!!! sapa x mo untung beb. time2 gini kena rebut loll! ;)


For just RM10 for a box of Red Velvet Cupcakes (4 cupcakes) or a 5 inch layered Red Velvet Cake, wrapped with red ribbons, we'd say, search no more for that perfect Valentines gift.

Contact Kitchen Guardian directly for all your baking needs. Don't forget to order ahead to avoid disappointment. You definitely don't want to be green with envy!


The Company
Kitchen Guardian
Phone: +6019 3945608

Jalan Lee Woon,
Taman Zooview,

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  1. Salam nurehan. tumpang lalu ye. jom shopping2 kt blog saye. jgn lupe promote kt member2 ye.tq :)

    semoge berbahgie!! :)

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    -plz forward- :)


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