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05 March 2011

Be free of hair forever! Especially in the underarms!

Nik Nurehan | Saturday, March 05, 2011 | 0 Komen
RM39.80 instead of RM199 for PERMANENT Underarm Hair Removal Treatment at My Body Secrets, The Strand [80%]

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RM199 80% RM159.20

Hair growth is a blessing in disguise; a blessing if it grows on places we want it to but a curse when it starts growing and growing and growing at unwanted areas and we feel helpless about it.

We shave, we wax and we use the tweezers, but it keeps on growing, multiplying, more aggressive than before! Throw away your tweezers or razors and never again buy shaving cream. Be free of hair forever! Especially in the underarms!

Permanent underarm hair removal is now available at My Body Secrets at only RM39.80 for the first trial instead of the normal price of RM199. Bring out all the sleeveless tops and dresses and feel confident when raising those arms in midair. Rejoice and renew your confidence and party with hair free underarms. Get your girlfriends to try out too or buy this deal as gifts for ‘unruly’ boyfriend of yours.
My Body Secrets also offers successful slimming treatments that are electrifying and they work wonders. Read the reviews and be rid of unwanted extras. Get your facials done here too. With Maja International products, the best possible outcome for your skin is achievable.

The secret is now out for Jezamine Lim Iskandar, the ambassador for My Body Secrets. Get your beauty treatments here at My Beauty Secrets starting with today’s deal.

Live free of unwanted hair forever; starting with the underarms.

80% off PERMANENT Underarm Hair Removal Treatment

65, Jalan PJU5/21,
The Strand,
Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya,

* dapatkan voucher nya sekarang!!

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