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08 May 2011

Deliciousness CHOC CHEESE BERIES!!!!

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, May 08, 2011 | 2 Komen
Has anyone tasted this new flavor yet from SR?

This Mother's Day, pamper your mum with our newest creation, Choc Cheese Berries!! Imagine a cake topped with a swirl of mixed berries and chocolate sauce, chilled cream cheese, with MORE sweet berries, and complemented with a rich blend of dark chocolate with a cocoa biscuit base...

This cake is available at outlets on April 29th onwards for RM80++ for a whole cake, and RM6.80++ for a slice. Dont miss this!!!

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  1. wah sedap nye....tgk je dah rasa nak mkn...follow ye...

    Galeri Ilmu Shazyana

  2. kmungkinan sedap kan. rasa nk try je. jap2 lg nk g sr. nk tgk ada ke tidak :)


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