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03 June 2011

Aussino Collection!

Nik Nurehan | Friday, June 03, 2011 | 2 Komen

Welcome to the world of Aussino, where home is where the heart is. Since 1991, our designs have provided countless households with that added comfort, style and touch of color. We believe your home is the most important place in the world and that is why millions have dreamt their dreams with Aussino.
Aussino has over 80 retail outlets spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Mauritius, Myanmar, Maldives and Vietnam.

Define your home with trend-inspired, modern designs from the AUSSINO CONTEMPO collection completed with audacious designs and colors; fabulous textures and lavish details.
Inspired by progressive design, architecture and refined color palettes, the AUSSINO LOFT collection is distinguished by marks of sophistication that combine the masterful exploration of texture, patterns and color.
AUSSINO PRIMO offers the ultimate hotel-style indulgence with a range of classic, understated designs that is singularly defined by luxurious fabrication and monochromatic styling.
Extensive efforts spent in product development ensure our pillows and quilts are of the finest quality to provide a good night’s rest.
Fun & cute designs coupled with bright colors that liven up your kids’ bedroom
Pastel colors & designs to soothe babies. Coupled with comfortably soft material that go easy on babies’ delicate skin.
Vibrant colors, bold designs & contemporary look that caters to the young and trendy

TQ Mak, hadiahkan 2 set towel baru utk kami bdua ;) wah awal2 la dh kasi oke.. kiki.
Dah siap bsuh & simpan dlm almari utk dipakai pda esk........... insyaALLAH :)

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  1. i like walking into the store. but always just see see, dont buy anything wan :P


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