You must eat! Chocolate makes you happy. Hehe. - I luv evrything about ..... I luv evrything about .....: You must eat! Chocolate makes you happy. Hehe.

21 June 2011

You must eat! Chocolate makes you happy. Hehe.

Nik Nurehan | Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 0 Komen
Cadbury Malaysia is committed to bringing you the best in chocolate products!

Mini Choc x mgira umur. heeee. kecik chomel jerk ;P
Hanya ini jerk yang tmampu utk diberikan sbg doorgift. orait la tu kan. shedapp bukan?Sapa x suka choc dari cadbury. pasti myelerakan. x de la kasi incik tom yg mkn. Heeee..
Pop a Cadbury Choclairs into your mouth and get ready for a chocolate explosion. A unique caramel candy with a sweet gooey centre. Choclairs! Choclairs! Choclairs! I am wondering who doesn’t like Choclairs! Do you eat Choclairs? No?! Faster go eat, you have to, because it’s awesome!

Cadbury was founded as a grocer’s shop in Birmingham, England almost 200 years ago. Through time, Cadbury has grown from strength to strength and has become the world’s number 1 confectionary company. The name Cadbury is now synonymous with delicious chocolate goodness!

* Cloud 9 diberikan tyme doorgift akad nikah ;P

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