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10 August 2011

Looking for a stylish bracelet!

Nik Nurehan | Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | 0 Komen
Wishtlist utk hari raya yg bakal menjelma ni mahukan diamond bracelet lorr.. heeee..
Agak2 tcapai ke cita2 ku utk memilikimu. heeee....
yang pasti harganya mestilah berpatutan/mampu beli. i bknnya manyak duet ok nk beli mahal2 mcm you all! Skadar bracelet baru yg murah di hari raya tu, insyaALLAh boleh kut! hahahhaa...
Ataupun ia hnyalah mimpi shj. sobsobsob...... nk wt camne la kan, kalau x tcapai x de rezki la tu!

psssssssssssttt : jeling2 kt incik suami ;P nati si dia blk keje nk suh bc ini entry loll. haha. jahat!
Let the diamond speak for itself, and let the beauty be manifest in a stunning bracelet setting.
What Is The Difference Between Bracelets and Bangles
Bracelets and bangles under the same category. But is there a real difference between a bangle and bracelet? If so, what is it?

The terms "bangle" and "bracelet" have different etymologies. Bangle is from the Hindi bangri which means ring shaped bracelet or anklet. The word "bracelet" is from Middle French brachialle meaning armlet.

Possessing different linguistic roots, both words approximate different regional conceptions of the adornments in question.

The bracelet appears to have the more generic of the two definitions, encompassing anything which may be worn on the arm - though more commonly on the wrist.

Bangle, on the other hand, has more of a fixed form: It is ring-shaped.

The most important distinction that we may solicit, therefore, is that the bangle must be ring-shaped (i.e., always circular, always solid) whereas the bracelet can be flexible.

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