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11 September 2011

This dinner is located in Pauh Sembilan.

Nik Nurehan | Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 0 Komen
Maggi ketam sudah mula popular di kelantan,ada dua kedai yang tersohor menjual maggi ketam ini iaitu kedai di Pauh Sembilan, bachok dan di Cherang Ruku, Pasir Puteh
Maggi is actually a brand of an instant noodle in Malaysia. Ketam means crab. This instant noodle, where one can easily prepare it at home must be very special!

"it is in the middle of nowhere" and "don't expect it to be grand and expensive looking"
As long as the food taste great, unusual, and have nuances of being special in it, forget about how the diner may look like.
The colourful flickering of the word "ketam" on the wooden building looks like fireflies arranging themselves to form alphabets in the darkness of the night.
Ketam is the main ingredient here. Maggi ketam, mee goreng ketam, nasi goreng ketam, nasi padprik ketam; nothing is without ketam.
Mini sized mallet and clipper were provided to aid you to crack open the hard shells to get to the succulent flesh. Eating crabs is really hard work.
Pada penggemar maggi apa tunggu lagi jom pergi test dulu. Harga adalah berpatutan skitar rm 15 seorang. orait la tu!! ketam plak betelur ok. yummy! sgt2 bpuas hati. kenyang gilerrrr!

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