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12 July 2012

20 by Rizalman, Exclusive Collection for Tesco

Nik Nurehan | Thursday, July 12, 2012 | 2 Komen
Bukan senang nak pakai design by RIZALMAN unless you have a fortune in ur account?!

20 by Rizalman will be made available at selected Tesco stores around the country from July 7th onwards. Prices range from RM180 to RM250 per piece.

This Raya season, you will be able to don designer baju kurung and kebaya from Rizalman at affordable prices. The designer is celebrating his 20 years in the fashion industry, thus the Raya collection is named 20 by Rizalman. It is a milestone to be proud of as Rizalman’s workmanship is exquisite and fans have grown by the dozen over the years.

“After being in the industry for a good two decades, I would like to bring myself closer to my fans and share with them my wonderful moments.”

For this collection, he played with a lot of texture, lace, brocade and striped design. Detailing was not missed as we see his line-up of bow ribbons, sequined sleeves and pretty rosettes adorning the pieces. Are you excited yet to go visiting friends and family this Raya season?

heboh sana sini. heeee.. terbeli jgk la 2 lai. hehe. ok la tu! nk kesemua koleksi? aiyakkk kering la duet pocket bln ni. hehe.

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  1. Huhuhu haritu nak beli gak Ann, sekali Abg kata, nanti raya, sama je dengan orang semua, macam boria..huhuhu

    Terus tak jadi... ;((

  2. confirm ramai yg boria tahun ni..?
    agaknya an salah seorang dr mereka. kiki. sbbnya an x de beli/upah baju utk raya lg tau. mmg x upah la sbbnya mana la sempat dh kn. hurm..


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